Make Lavender Hills Wellness your first choice for Reiki in Stayner

reiki in staynerReiki is a complete energy healing system that connects with the Universal Source. Reiki can assist in the healing of physical as well as mental and emotional illness in both humans and animals.

Reiki always works for your highest and greatest good and has no negative side effects. It is a complementary treatment that works hand-in-hand with traditional medical care. It is not meant to replace traditional medical care. If you are receiving or giving yourself Reiki on a regular basis and are on medication, why not let your doctor know? Your medication may need to be adjusted, in a positive way.

How Reiki Helps

Reiki is a relaxation and stress relief technique that works on your every level – body, mind and spirit. When stress is relieved and you and relaxed, your body is able to access its natural healing abilities.

“Reiki can really help my pet?”

Reiki for pets

Bogart enjoying his Reiki and crystal treatment

Absolutely! Animals are such pure beings that they are naturally open to receiving Reiki energy. Our dogs and cats absolutely adore it and expect their daily dose of Reiki on a regular basis.