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Reiki and Religion

The Misconceptions

There are some misconceptions around Reiki and Religion. Some Christians feel that because of their religious beliefs that they cannot or should not practice or receive Reiki – that it does not jive with their religion – that it is a Buddhist or Eastern practice – maybe somehow verging on the occult.

Nothing can be further than the truth.

The word Reiki is actually two words: Rei + Ki which generally translates to “Universal Life Force Energy” or “Spiritual Life Force Energy”.

The important word in the first definition is Universal – it is thought that this energy is a gift from the Universe or a higher power. And that higher power is whatever your belief system defines it as. If you are Christian, that would be God, so to you it could be “God Given Life Force Energy”.

Three things you need to know about Reiki and religion

The first important thing to know is that Reiki has no religious beliefs or dogma attached to it – it is simply a pure, universal energy that you receive through the grace of the universe, your higher power, if you will, and you are able to channel it to yourself or whoever needs it. You could consider it a gift from God to be able to do this for yourself and others.

The second important thing to know is that Reiki can do no harm – it only works for the highest and greatest good of the receiver.

The third important thing to know is that Reiki is a relaxation technique. The person doing the Reiki treatment is not healing anybody or anything. Reiki helps the receiver to relax on every possible level. This helps relieve stress and stress and aggravation is one of the biggest causes of illness.

The stress relief provided by Reiki allows the body’s natural healing ability to heal the body.
Reiki for Christians is a wonderful website which answers questions around Reiki and religion.